What's the secret to apply your falsies in 30 seconds or less? Keep reading...

Posted on July 06 2021

What's the secret to apply your falsies in 30 seconds or less? Keep reading...

If you are a total beginner on the world of falsies then this blog is FOR YOU! 

I, like many other beauties out there, struggle to put falsies on for quite some time. Eventually, and after much practice, I was able to apply my falsies in about 5 mins which was a big win compared to 10 mins struggling and ultimately giving up (I know). Then, I found the magical adhesive eyeliner and my life changed forever (yes, the drama ..sigh)! Icon Beauty 2-in-1 adhesive eyeliner is the best tool in the market for applying falsies! Don't believe me, try it for yourself. 

With the 2-in-1 adhesive eyeliner, I was able to apply my lashes in 30 seconds!!YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! It is so easy and hassle free, it should be illegal (LOL)! The liner glue makes it super easy to draw the line on your natural lash line and because there is no wait time required, you can go ahead and just pop the lash in place. Yes, pop the lash in place, that easy. No dry time means no tackyness and no gluey mess! Because the lash glue from the adhesive applies perfectly when you apply the lash you don't have to worry about the lash moving and not adhering. The adhesive eyeliner is waterproof, lasts HOURS (literally up to 24hrs), can easily be reapplied if needed AND comes in black as well! I mean how much better does it get! 

If you are a true beginner, I recommend using the clear eyeliner first and once you get comfortable applying your lashes add some boldness and try the black adhesive eyeliner! You won't regret it! 

Like i said, don't believe me.. Join the hype and try yours out today. Use the code "TheSecret" to get a discount on your purchase of the 2-n-1 adhesive eyeliner!

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