At Icon Beauty Cosmetics, we aspire to empower women and individuals all over the globe. We believe that any contribution, no matter how big or small, towards making the world a better place is a HUGE change.

This is why we have decided to donate a percentage of every purchased made to Operation Underground Railroad nonprofit organization. This organization works tirelessly to bring peace, comfort and safety to children all over the globe who have been robbed of their innocence and childhood by child traffickers. As a mother of young children this organization and their mission to end child trafficking around the world is very dear to my heart. To learn more about O.U.R, please visit their website and watch the short video below.

Please check back with us periodically as we continue to work hard to be able to support more social causes every month. For now, know that when you shop at Icon Beauty you are not only purchasing a great quality product but also making a difference in the world. Every time you purchase an Icon Beauty product, you are helping a social cause and with every portion donated, doesn't matter the amount, YOU ARE MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE while looking and feeling your ultimate best!  

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